Corporate Profile


Ajibona Investment and Tourist International (AITI), is an International Outfit/Agency, with interests in the healthy aspect of business.

Stemming from the name, our services are grouped under Investment and Tourism.

  • Tourism:
    • Travel and Tours
    • Hotel Reservations
    • Car Hire
    • Excursions and Seminars

Investment and Tourism is about INTEREST and CHARACTER, these TWO PILLARS formed the basis of our COMPANY. We have been operating under the auspices of Ajibona Property and Investment Company since July 2003, but Tourism due to high demands of our clients and for our love for care and hospitality business.

“Creating profitable pleasure through our natural endowments. We want to explore nature's free gift, where our customers will love to call again, a labour-friendly Company and a first choice of investment for our willing investors.”

Since Investment and Tourism is about Interest and Character, these two PILLARS formed the basis of our Company. Ajibona Investment and Tourist International have been established with a strong commitment to providing our clients with detailed guides onto exploring our natural beautiful environment and top quality financial services. Our strong interest is propelled by the deep concern at increasing the average life expectancy through easing-out on life TENSIONS and entrenching the facts that relaxation and vacation aid for effective and efficient business performance.

To establish paradise on earth by showcasing the richness of art and culture through inspired creativity and inventions, youth empowerment and so on, as an alternative to Oil and agriculture, as well a hub of irresistible investment because natural richness never run dry.